Cashing In On That New Idea

Transforming an invention into a product that has mass consumer appeal is complicated. The process is risky and rife with pitfalls. If your idea really is unique then it is absolutely critical to secure comprehensive patent claims. This is vital for a number of reasons. Did you know that most manufacturers are very reluctant to dedicate their resources unless legal documentation exists that guarantees the inventor holds exclusive rights to an invention? Regardless of the provenance of an invention, no one can claim ownership without securing validated patent claims. In turn this protects the inventor from infringement, counterfeiting schemes and outright theft.

How to prepare Provisional Patents can be worth knowing.Provisional patents can help protect an idea. United Patent Research reviews many invention ideas and novel technologies. They provide invention help to individuals that have a better idea and need patent help. The process begins when an individual completes and submits an easy to use inventor’s kit. This protects their idea while it undergoes a review to determine crucial marketing standards and consider patent strategies.

United Patent Research reviews many invention idea categories. Recently they partnered with Universal Licensing who works United Patent Research clients at no extra cost. This protects them from expensive legal fees that can spiral out of control and kill a new product promotion dead in its tracks. Universal Licensing has licensed more than 100 products.

United Patent Research also maintains in-house and off-site consulting relationships with a coterie of registered patent attorneys and an engineering firm.

To obtain more information concerning the importance of the patenting process, and how to Provisional Patent an invention idea check out their website at

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