Is Making Money With A Patent A Long Shot?

Most likely only a small percentage of ideas are promoted with the required tenacity to place them into national and international markets.

You may want to learn how to Design Patent an idea.
Protecting the new product can sometimes be achieved with a Design Patent. At United Patent Research, new products are reviewed every day to determine a patenting and marketing strategy.

United Patent Research has demonstrated remarkable success by using a diversified program. Their marketing strategy relies on the combined skills of patent attorneys, engineers, marketing experts, technical writers, bonded patent illustrators and corporate attorneys that specialize in negotiating royalty payments.

United Patent Research reviews lots of inventions and also attends tradeshows events and industrial expositions. They use this broad exposure to generate new product interest. When a new product captures the attention of a manufacturer, United Patent Research maximizes the clients’ negotiating position by working out the terms that can help a manufacturer successfully market a product. Sometimes it is necessary to first test market the new product in various demographic sectors.

Further information about obtaining a free inventor’s kit and how to Design Patent an idea is available on the United Patent Research website at

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