Can Free Enterprise Work Without Patents?

If there was no legal way to protect a new idea then anyone can steal it. Could you imagine Microsoft marketing their protects without protecting them? Absurd.

If you plan on selling an idea to a manufacturer without patent protection first, then you’re on the wrong track. Most manufacturers will not entertain the purchasing of an idea unless you first have at least attained patent pending status. They will insist eventually that your invention is protected with a patent.  Without patent protection they have no guarantee that you own the patent rights. There simply is no way a company will commit their resources if the product cannot be protected from counterfeiters.

Design Patents provide inventors with a way to protect their idea concepts. How to get appropriate Design Patent protection is part of the mission at United Patent Research. At United Patent Research they review lots of invention ideas. They provide full service access to a motivated team of industry professionals including registered patent attorneys, bonded patent illustrators, technical writers, marketing experts, and engineers. This is the kind of dedicated  team effort that is required to transform an idea into a money – making product that can be mass produced and distributed in  nation-wide markets.

More in formation concerning the patenting process and how to Design Patent an idea is available on the United Patent Research website at .

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