Does A Patent Last Forever?

Patent rights do not last ad infinitum. A brand new product has exclusive patent rights but once the patent expires then anyone is welcome to design a competing product.

Patrick Ralston, President of United Patent Research, explains that it is important for a newly launched product to be marketed intensely to obtain market dominance while the inventor has exclusive rights to the product. Corporations have the resources to launch their products with aggressive advertising campaigns so they can immediately cash in on their share of the market.

How to Design Patent an invention idea may be considered.Many times Design Patents can help protect a new idea.United Patent Research reviews many ideas before they are in the patent process.

Once clients contact United Patent Research, their ideas are reviewed to determine if they have the potential to generate mass consumer appeal. When a patent has been filed, a team of bonded patent artists, engineers, and technical writers work together with United Patent Research clients to develop and promote the product to industry and eventually, wholesale and retail distributors.

Promoting a new product is not a part time hobby. Many inventors lack the time, marketing experience, legal means, negotiating skills and business acumen necessary to transform an idea into a new product that can be mass marketed.

To learn more about how to Design Patent an idea and successfully launch a new idea visit the United Patent Research website at

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